Foremost Nigerian Security and Logistics Company, Halogen Security has struck a deal to  partner with TEDx to unveil several life-changing ideas at TED Lagos 2017 idea search at two-day event to hold at Café Neo and Muson Centre, Lagos.

 TEDGlobal is an annual conference that celebrates human ingenuity by exploring ideas, innovation and creativity from all around the world.

The Lagos event is aimed at sourcing ideas and speakers for TED Global event coming up in Arusha, Tanzania in August 2017.

Under the arrangement, Halogen would be responsible for the logistic securities for the guests – securing the perimeter where they stayed. The security outfit would also provide trained security drivers who moved the guest round the city during their stay, as well as event control security at the venues of the events.

The Associate Director, Brand and Strategic Marketing, Halogen Security Company Limited, Uche Mojekwu,’Halogen has been around for over 25 years, has over 18,000 people and is very heavy on giving back, hence, any platform that inspires empowerment of youth to persevere, aligns with us. We believe in what TEDx is doing, and it is our pleasure to partner with such a great initiative. This becomes even more interesting when you look at the fact that TEDx is heavy on digital and that security is going more digital these days, as physical security is quickly diminishing.

The CEO of TED, Chris Anderson confirmed that the TEDGlobal event was a search for idea for the big event coming up in Tanzania later in the year.

‘’We are on a search for ideas. There are so many ideas across the continent that the world needs to know, as such, we are trying to find speakers from everywhere for the big event,’’he said.

Anderson revealed that a similar event was held in Nairobi, Kenya where a really wide range of skills from creative people, photographers, filmmakers, environmentalists, farmers inspired people for the greater good of their communities.